Go to the Multimedia section to check out photos from our shows in Bozeman, MT

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almost 4 years

Thanks Luke for a wondeful show in Bozeman!!! Can't wait for ya to come back!!! VIP was amazing. Thanks for signing my phone too :)

almost 4 years

Was a great concert had so much fun!!

almost 4 years

I was there on April 23rd. It was heaven. that's the only way to describe the way it made me feel. If I could have met you, Luke, that would have been even better. Maybe if I ever get to see you again. I even left my service dog with a friend to see you. Luv u much.💟

Jocelyn Regnier
almost 4 years

Kill the lights

almost 4 years

Hey Luke! I want you to know that I really love being your fan and I appreciate everything that you do. You have a beautiful heart and I love the way that you reach out to everyone.

almost 4 years

please pic us were right here

Fernandez Debbie
almost 4 years

Can't wait until Sunday here at Stagecoach!!

almost 4 years

Super excited to see you tonight in CA.

almost 4 years

Concord will be waiting for you!!!

Anna Muro
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Can't wait to see you perform this Saturday at Fresno savemart center!! Counting the days hours minutes and seconds😭😍🙌🏻🙌🏻👢

TxGirl LukeBryansFan
almost 4 years

Shake it baby!

Ivan Gonzalez
almost 4 years

I saw you this morning at speaking with Solano County Sheriff, wish I could make it to your show but it's sold out. I've always wanted to make it! Was amazing just seeing you from a few cars away man, next time I'll make sure to catch you!! Stay safe and God bless.

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I love this pic!!! 😍 lol

almost 4 years

Thx for sharing these great pics Luke! See you June 24/25 in VIP in Toronto to celebrate my 50th!💙

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4/27/16 updated post & new info. Take some time and read this so you will know what is going on. Our first visit with a cardiologist was at the Columbus branch of Children’s Healthcare of Atl., Sibley Heart Center Cardiology. At this visit they stated she does have a heart murmur, a right aortic arch and ASD Atrial Septal Defect and upon tests they found she had what appeared to be a ½ inch hole in her heart. We discussed options and pretty much decided to go the route of a Catheter Procedure to implant an ASD device which is like a clamp to seal the hole and he referred us to their office in Atl.
On April 19, 2016 we went to the home office for this center in Atl. for more detailed testing. They repeated the tests done as well as ran more detailed tests. I must say Macelynn went thru it like a champ she was wonderful! They were able to get very good detailed images. After tests were completed & doctors reviewed it all we got to meet with them. We met with two Cardiologists and their PA, it was explained to us at this point Macleynn is not a good candidate for the ASD Device procedure since her heart has no Extra Muscle for the device to be clamped to. They stated what Columbus office mentioned about the right aortic arch was not the case, they believe it is normal left aortic arch. It was hard to verify it, but after the detail tests they performed they can see how Columbus came to the decision they did. They feel confident in stating it is a normal left aortic arch. In addition, they found the hole to be twice the size as originally thought and the hole goes into the back of the heart. So she will need to undergo Open Heart Surgery. The first Cardiologist from the Columbus office called us to ensure we understood everything and asked if we had any additional questions. He informed us the next step will be the Surgeon will be contact us within the next two weeks to talk to us more and schedule the operation. When the surgeon called us to schedule the surgery he stated to expect to stay 4-6 nights depending on how she does with everything and that she should bounce back pretty fast. He has had several people contact him after the surgery stating “what did you do to my kid”, “can you put them back the way they were” and that they will have so much more energy. So far, all the people we have met up there and with this medical facility are outstanding! We feel very comfortable in the decision we made as a family to proceed with the Open Heart Surgery. Please pray all goes well for her. We got a date & have to be in Atlanta at 8am for pre-op which they say could last 4-5 hours on Monday June 6. Surgery is on Tues. June 7 and they will let us know what time it is at pre-op. On the day of surgery, the hospital staff will take her back to get prepared. Clean her and get her hooked up & ready for the surgeon. To gain access to the heart, the surgeon has to open the chest.
Open-heart surgery is when the surgeon uses a heart-lung bypass machine. An incision is made through the breastbone (sternum) while the she is under general anesthesia (she is asleep and pain free). The skin incision is generally smaller in size than the length of the breast bone. Tubes are used to re-route the blood through a special pump called a heart-lung bypass machine. This machine adds oxygen to the blood and keeps the blood warm and moving through the rest of the body while the surgeon is repairing the heart. Using the machine allows the heart to be stopped to make it possible to repair the heart muscle itself, the heart valves, or the blood vessels outside the heart. After the repair is done, the heart is started again, and the machine is removed. The breastbone and the skin incision are then closed. For many parents, the concept of a sternotomy raises much concern. Most parents are surprised to hear that a sternotomy is one of the safest and more comfortable incisions performed during surgery. Performing a sternotomy is nothing but an artificial fracture; at the end of the operation the two edges of the breast bone are put back together with steel wires. This usually does not lead to any deformities of the chest wall, even as a child grows. At the same time. Pain is sensed by the nerve endings in the affected tissues. In the bone, pain arises from movement at the site of a fracture. She will be given pain medicine to help manage her pain while in hospital and they will send some home encase it is needed. After the chest is opened, a part (or all) of the thymus gland is removed. The thymus gland is involved in the immune system; however, its removal has not been shown to lead to any immune compromise. The removal of the thymus is necessary to allow the surgeon to see and operate on the heart. The heart sits in a thin, leather like sac called the pericardium. To get access to the heart, the pericardial sac has to be opened. The surgeon often removes a small portion of the pericardium, to be used later to patch holes in the heart or patch vessels to make them bigger. Often the removed piece is treated with a chemical called glutaraldehyde to increase the stiffness of the pericardium, making it easier to work with during surgery. The removed pericardial piece is used during the operation as patch material for a variety of holes or defects within the heart. The removed piece of pericardium does not need to be replaced.

After surgery she will go to ICU where they will closely watch her then move her to the step-down unit then into a regular pediatric room. Time spent in each room will depend on how she is doing. We will get to go in 1 person at a time while she is in ICU & step down & it will be in short increments of time and only certain times of the day. Once she is in a regular room 2 of us can go in the room with her. While she is in ICU she will probably still have breathing machine hooked & tubes.L However, they will keep her pain under control w/medicine. She won’t remember a thing about it thank goodness. We will have several return visits to have her checked out and the doctor will let us know when she can go back to daycare. Pain after surgery is normal & will likely decrease after the 2nd day and can sometimes be managed with Tylenol. Many children behave differently after heart surgery so she may be clingy, irritable, or cry. We will support her through this time. She will often stop any activity if she becomes tired. Most often, the first few weeks after surgery should be a time to rest. After the 1st follow-up visit, the doctor will tell us what she child can do. For the first 4 weeks after surgery, she should not do any activity that could result in a fall or a blow to the chest. Children who have had an incision through the breastbone need to be careful about how they use their arms and upper bodies for the first 6 to 8 weeks. Do not pull or lift her by the arms, scoop her up instead. We will need to prevent her from doing any activities that involve pulling or pushing with the arms. Try to keep her from lifting the arms above the head & she should not lift anything heavier than 5 pounds. It is sounding like the aftercare is going to be a challenge. We believe the hospital staff will be an excellent support team in the medical field as well as our family & friends. Thank you for your continued prayers. We will update when we find out more, probably in June. Please continue to like & share our face book pages – prayformay & prayformay support products, we also have a gofundme account set up (search Macelynn Grace, Ga and it will pull up her page. We are trying to plan a Fun Weekend at our home on June 4 & 5 in Richland GA (right before our trip to Atlanta on the 6th). A Special thanks to all those who are working on fundraisers for us, we are looking forward to seeing what you got cooking up and being there for each & every one of them if at all possible.


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Bigger than Elvis. soon to entire world 👍🌴🌞👙🏹🎣❤️🍺🇺🇸

Shaylynn Mollereckhoff
almost 4 years

Can't wait for Friday night in Concord! 💜 Third time seeing Luke! Always have an amazing time.

Sue Nicholls
almost 4 years

Great pics thanks for sharing Luke💕

almost 4 years

it was awesome to actually be there!!! Even better to see some pix that I wasn't able to capture. ;-)

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When will a winner be chosen for the meet and greet, or even ticket upgrade June 25 show?!!! I want to meet you, but I'd really love to meet your wife!! She seems amazing 😍❤️