Posting for a friend , Kimberly VandeMark on twitter in hopes of getting ahold of team luke for her daughter , Brittany VandeMark.... told her I would post her message, and it was worth a try that team Luke may see it...

"Tryin so hard to reach out to Luke Bryan my daughter's hero. Make-A-Wish Foundation messed up on her wish back in 2013. They did not tell anyone about her or her wish she has been wishing and dreaming since she was 5. She is 13 years old and has cerebral palsy, battling cancer, and has had 10 surgeries so far from her head down to her toes. We would♡2 have her wish come true when we go to Luke concert 7-21-16 at the Pavilion at Montage Mountain Scranton Pennsylvania. Luke inspires my daughter to be strong. He is her wish, dream, inspiration, her hero. He is such an amazing person."

My name is Kimberly VandeMark and my daughter's name is Brittany VandeMark.

is such an amazing person.

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about 4 years

I'm not really sure....I only told her I would post this for her, it's my understanding the woman who took the call from make a wish said it was all set to meet Luke, and when they went, I guess it was never set up...that was what I understood

about 4 years

What does she mean by messed up? They grant wishes to meet "famous" people as long as the person is open to it and is willing to meet the child
I would contact make a wish and see what they may be able to do for her