In 12 days I see Luke. My 65th birthday is July 3 so this is the closes to my hone to see him for my birthday. Also celebrating with my niece her 21st. Can't wait. I am going to walk down boardwalk to see if I can see his buses and trucks. Maybe I will get a sleek look at him. Can you imagine someone going to be 65 and so into someone same age as my oldest son. I guess I am sick.

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Sue Nicholls
about 4 years

Your not sick. I'm 62 going to see him June 25 .His music affects all ages sizes and color . He has touched everyone in so many different ways.

North country
about 4 years

I am 67 and I feel the same way as you do. However, bot of my sons are older than he is, so what does that say for me? I have a grandson who is 6 months younger than Bo and I am taking him to a Luke concert on July21st. I am so excited about this concert because it is Luke and I will be able to watch Nate at the concert. He is quite the youngster, he plays a lot of sports but he also likes to show off dancing and goofing around. It should be quite a show.

about 4 years

You are not sick. I am 62 and I am going to see him in June, the third year in a row! I love me some Luke!!!

about 4 years

hope you and your niece have a great time! happy early birthday!